Francesco Baiocchi & The Motherboard/s – Molenbeek – Soundtrack album

Molenbeek copertinaA new project by Francesco Baiocchi, Italian musician, sound designer and multimedia artist living in Belgium, in Molenbeek, a municipality in Brussels with a high concentration of migrants, that became famous after the terrorist attacks at Bataclan in Paris an in Brussels: The author was in Brussels the 22nd of March 2016 (his birthday), the day of the attacks at the international airport of Zavantem and at the Maelbeek metro station.
Part of the album was used as a soundtrack for the documentary directed by Marco Perri that will be presenter in January 2018.
Francesco Baiocchi wrote the soundtrack and took care of the editing of the movie.
The album features other works written for video and art performances in Germany, Malta, Italy, Belgium and Holland from Abbadia San Salvatore in Italy, Dunajska Lusna, Bratislava, Slovakia and in Bruxelles at Motherboard/s Audiovisuals Studio in the artistic residence at La Vallèe, Creative spot of SMartBE.

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